Today’s on-the-move workforce has an even greater need for reliable communication than in the past, when people would simply gather together in a conference or meeting room. Both onsite and remote employees alike rely on conferencing, multimedia and instant messaging to get their jobs done. Managing all these technologies within a single interface is essential for maintaining profitability.

The FlexOffice™ Unified Communication platform can do just that, while providing enhanced mobile capabilities to your workforce AND decreasing your overall total operating cost. In fact, this brilliantly simple solution will literally pay for itself through increased productivity, better collaboration, enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, and the lowest total operating cost in the industry today.

Highlights of brightstack’s FlexOffice Unified Communication Solution

From a simple (but state of the art) phone system, to a fully integrated video conferencing and digital messaging capability

Cloud-based, Premise-based or a Combination of the two

Various financing options available including a monthly subscription option per user

With the brightstack® solution, you have no capital outlay for your equipment and you can choose if you want the system hosted onsite, hosted by us or a combination of both. For a single monthly fee per user, we provide the handsets, equipment, network, minutes, dial tone and network connection as part of a total solution. It is simply the most advanced communication technology available today.

  • Some customers may want to own equipment which resides in their office (on site or on premise) and pay a monthly fee for dial tone/phone service (brightstack’s Telecom Carrier Services is a great option for this!).
  • Other customers may want a Full Cloud UC Solution (which we provide through ShoreTel Sky for Cloud) where everything is provided in the Cloud as part of a monthly service.
  • brightstack FlexOffice also provides a Hybrid solution (powered by ShoreTel) when customers want to have premise-based (onsite) equipment at some locations and Cloud hosted at others, all through a centrally managed, fully integrated solution. The Hybrid solution also offers a rental program for your on-premise equipment, so you can have a consistent monthly operating expense which lines up with the subscription model of your Cloud-based solution.

We will conduct a full assessment of your telephony needs, budget requirements and other business concerns in order to recommend the best approach to Unified Communication for your company.