brightstack is a great place to work if you’re passionate about technology and enjoy helping people.  We have the pleasure of learning every day with new technologies and better ways of getting things done.  We're a tech forward company in the heart of #NYC.  We gain experience helping a variety of business environments to truly become experts in our field.  We invest in training our team regularly with in office training, mentoring time, online classes and classroom training.  We get to have a great mix of on-site time with our clients, team work in our office, virtually and on-site,  and time working from home.  We get to use and implement the latest technology products, services and processes.  Because we do what's best for our clients, we get to regularly use many technologies like brands we would not necessarily recommend, but work fine either way.  It feels good when you make a difference in someone's day, and because we keep brightstack a fun place to work we have an office of smiles and hard workers.  You do not work at brightstack if you want an easy job, you work at brightstack because you want a rewarding challenge.  You work at brightstack because you want to keep learning and have a supportive environment to do that in.  If you believe you fit our culture and are interested in working at brightstack, please reach out to us and apply.  We're always looking for our next great team member to deliver on our brand promise that our passion for technology is your success.

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