IT Support | Managed Services:  A foundation of brightstack is on-going IT support.  We offer a variety of support options and agreements to provide IT support on-site, remotely and with our network of partners.  For smaller companies, we take on that responsibility to handle all things IT and regularly consult to help our clients understand their options in technology.  For larger clients, we augment and support existing IT.  We have options including unlimited support to help users and businesses manage technology for all their devices including tablets, phones, laptops, desktops, servers, virtual servers, our FlexOffice platform, backups and 3rd party services.  These agreements align both your interest as a client and our interest with the structure of the agreement so we're all on the same team.  We know that business is not just at the office and is not just 9 to 5, so we support users and not just the infrastructure.  We leverage small teams and variety of experienced technicians and engineers on each team to get the right person on the right issue.  We know we need to ensure it just works, so we focus on proactive work and great account management to give the recommendations and work before it becomes an issue.  We leverage powerful industry standard tools to provide remote management, monitoring and alerting 24/7, so we and any admins that need to know, do know.  We keep everything organized and documented and make guides for everything we need to repeat.  IT support is a core function of brightstack and we work hard every day to deliver a great experience to the users and an IT infrastructure (premise, hybrid or cloud) on which business can rely.

Solution Highlights

We can manage your entire IT environment including your servers, VMs, network, wireless, printers, imaging devices and back-up with a help desk team to support you.

We can support you through remote access or with on-site technicians.

We proactively monitor your environment, helping to identify and mitigate problems before they happen.

You can apply your energy to your business and leave IT up to us.

Project Services: We deliver results with our client teams, project engineers, account managers and project managers to clearly outline a statement of work and get a particular project for your business completed.  We regularly enjoy the challenge to implement, upgrade and migrate a multitude of applications, services and servers, and over time that has given us the experience to know what may come up and the confidence to know we can handle it.  We offer this in both hourly engagements as well as fixed fee project services.  We pride ourselves on doing the right thing for the client and working hard to deliver on the mission of the project fully.  We get to migrate to the latest and greatest in technologies such as Windows Server, ShoreTel, Exchange, SANs, VMware, Lync and hosted services such as Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Office 365 and Google Apps to deliver the project services small and medium sized businesses need to maintain and implement their IT infrastructure.

In short, it’s like having a complete IT department at your fingertips to install, manage, maintain, optimize and support all of your technology needs.