At a time when cybercrime, malware and damaging viruses are increasing exponentially each day, security is among the most vital aspects of your business computing needs.  Network security does not just encompass outside threats, it also includes employee misuse of your network resources, which often creates additional avenues for security breaches and costly malware attacks.

Securing your network requires visibility into how it’s being used so you can maximize bandwidth efficiency, minimize security threats and improve employee productivity. When breaches do occur, you must be able to quickly identify and contain them, and then take swift action to minimize any damage and avoid a similar intrusion in the future.

Highlights of brightstack’s Flex Security Solution

Most comprehensive security solution on the market today

The “security as a service” model means there is no large upfront capital expenditures

Never obsolete; all updates are made at no cost to you

Complete real-time visibility into your network to maximize efficiencies and minimize security threats

Our Flex Security Solution delivers the most comprehensive security solution available on the market today. It is a complete turn-key service that provides maximum visibility into your network on a real-time basis and semi- or fully-automated detection/resolution for the vast majority of potential threats. And since Flex Security is offered “as a service,” there are no capital expenditures required and it will never become obsolete.