With FlexOffice™, brightstack® can create a seamless computing environment for all of your employees, whether they are on the road, working remotely, checking in during vacation, or working on premise. For a set monthly fee, we can create a virtual desktop environment, hosted servers, email and storage. All you need to conduct business is internet access and a laptop, thin client, tablet, or any other mobile device you choose.

The advantages? Complete flexibility for your increasingly mobile workforce, less physical space needed for on-premise hardware, highly secure and robust data storage, and a predictable monthly expense based on the number of users you have at the time. This “elastic” arrangement allows you to scale up or scale back (i.e., to respond to the seasonal or cyclical nature of your business) without having to incur the large incremental cost of new equipment.

And with Flex Computing, you don’t have to worry about costly and time-consuming software upgrades. You are entitled to the latest release of applications, including the Microsoft Office Suite and other common business applications.

Highlights of brightstack’s Flex Computing Solution

Monthly fee per user cost structure allows you to scale up or down as business demands

No large upfront capital expenditures required.

Software updates for the most common business applications (i.e., Microsoft Office 365, Windows 8.1) are available at no additional cost

Device-agnostic; your employee can access their files and application in their tablet, mobile phone, thin client or laptop.

Flex Help Desk: A remote access feature allows brightstack® to troubleshoot and resolve issues “across the cloud.” But our support doesn’t end there. Our highly trained systems engineers and technicians are also available to support you onsite for more complex issues, installations or training.