The nature of technology evolves over time.  To be the experts in our field, we need to adapt to those changes and have the right people providing fantastic service.  brightstack is an experience ... a customer experience that has been carefully crafted around a belief system about how customers want to (and should be) treated and the type of individuals they want to partner with in their day-to-day business environment.  We look for these qualities in every member of our team, because being smart is only the beginning.

Here’s what you’ll notice about us:

We enjoy and embrace technology


We just like this stuff; we have always been drawn to it; we’re fascinated by it. We embrace its constant evolution and its need to continually improve supporting businesses and organizations to work smarter, more efficiently, more conveniently and with increased speed and less cost.

We’ll work hard to help you enjoy and embrace it as well.


We have fun every day working with technology to help you do what you do. Or want to do. Our company makes it a priority to hire like-minded individuals who are positive, motivated and who thoroughly enjoy their job.  We take problems and solve them.

We have fun

We keep things simple


Technology does not have to be complicated; in fact it’s getting simpler every day. We don’t bore you with bits and bytes and acronyms that make things sound more complex than they are. Simple is smart. So simple is how we keep it.

And speaking of simple, we bring that same philosophy to our customer service mantra. We don’t push products; we’ll tell you when it makes more sense to fix something rather than replace it. We'll give you options and the information you need to make the right decisions.  We want to help you succeed in your business. We simply do what is best for you. Period.

We do what is best for the client

We are passionate

Yes, we enjoy and embrace technology but we are passionate about our customer experience. And with passion comes commitment. Our values are not engraved on a plaque in our lobby; we make sure they are evident in every interaction you have with us. We celebrate key examples of “walking the walk” and “living our brand” each week in our company meetings with special acknowledgements and awards. But we also know that every member on our team is just as happy with the quiet self-awareness of a job well done for a happy customer.

Central to any great customer experience is the consistent delivery of services and solutions that hit the bull’s eye, each and every time. We work hard to stay on top of emerging technologies.... better, faster and/or more cost effective options that we can put in front of our clients. We keep you up and running, we protect your data assets, we train you to better utilize your operating systems and business applications. That’s what we deliver.

We consistently deliver

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