Major winter storm forecast for eastern U.S. beginning Friday and into the weekend

The National Weather Service is predicting a Blizzard starting Friday night through the weekend. brightstack, A Division of CIS, LLC, is advising our customers to take preparations ahead of the forecasted weather event.  We do not anticipate wide spread power outages, but we do anticipate possible interruption in travel and the ability to physically access offices throughout the impacted area.  We encourage our clients to prepare their organizations to work and collaborate remotely for the next few days.

The recommendations below are generic, if you'd like assistance with a specific plan for your organization please do not hesitate to reach out to me, your account manager.  My contact information is below.
Our recommendations are as follows:

1)        If you are not a brightstack communications customer, have a copy of your voice and data bills available with your account information so you can make changes to your service if necessary during any outages.

2)        We may be unable to physically access your office depending on conditions so please make contingency arrangements with us.

3)        Make sure you have access to your domain's registrar so you can make changes to host records for your domain, specifically to aid in re-routing email should there be a power interruption and you’re on premise email server is inaccessible.

4)        If you are a brightstack ShoreTel customer and need help changing your auto attendant or greetings because of snow closures and need assistance please reach out to us.

5)        If your email is on premise in your office and there is a power outage, prepare your users to access any email continuity services (such as SpamSoap or Postini).

6)        Prepare your users to use External Assignment or Find/Me follow me features on their phones so calls can be re-routed.

7)        Create an emergency contact sheet with alternative contact information for your staff, please forward that to us.  You will be able to contact us through the same support methods (212-812-9450 option 1 or email As a backup, we have also setup a web site to provide important updates. The website can be found here:

8)        Through LIfeSize, we have made available a FREE 2 week no obligation trial of Enterprise video conferencing using any number of devices.  This could aid in collaboration for a remote workforce due to closures and interruptions in travel:

9)        Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns leading up to or during the weather event.