Technology Newsletter May 2015

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Technology Newsletter  May 2015


Welcome to the May edition of the brightstack technology newsletter! The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest technology news. We hope you will find this information useful and will help you to become more productive by getting the most value from your partnership with brightstack! For more information on any of these items please reach out to your account manager or call us at 212-812-9450 option 2.
Microsoft Sheds Light on iOS and Android Compatibility with Windows 10

Microsoft announced recently of a new PC app for Windows 10 users.  The app is called Phone Companion, and will aid in making your phone sync with your PC seamlessly from anywhere in the world. 


Once downloaded, Phone Companion will guide you through the appropriate steps to sync your phone up with your PC.  If you have a Windows phone, there wont be anything extra that you will need to download. 


With the new Phone Companion app and OneDrive app set up correctly, you'll be able to sync your PC and phone seamlessly.  Here's a list of some of the features:

Photo Sharing: With Phone Companion, you will be able to take a picture on your phone and OneDrive will automatically back the photo up to your OneDrive file on your PC, in the Photos app.
Music: If you create playlists on your PC, you will be able to access your songs via your smartphone and be able to play your favorite songs for free anytime you like.
Notes: Anytime you take a note on your phone, that note will populate on OneDrive also.
Files/Documents: Access all of your files from your OneDrive, on your PC or on your phone.

Microsoft is also planning on releasing a Cortana Companion app, which will work similar to Cortana on your Windows 10 PC. Here's a schedule of when Microsoft plans to release these apps for your smart phone:


June: Phone Companion app for Windows 10 PC
End of June: Cortana for Android
End of June or sometime in July: Xbox Music app for Android and iPhone with beta OneDrive music playback
“Later this year:” Cortana for iPhone


You can read the blog on Microsoft's website by clicking here.


Dell Adds Encryption Service to Dell SonicWALL Customers


Dell has updated its email software, SonicWALL Hosted Email Security, to provide increased protection and mobile-ready secure email exchange.  Dell states that Dell SonicWall Hosted Email Security provides inbound and outbound threat security, with a 99% accuracy rate at an affordable price. 


Dell claims that the new update will allow SonicWall Email to respond to new advanced threats dynamically, while reducing complexity and administrative costs. 


Here's a list of some of the updates to Dell SonicWALL Hosted Email Security:

• Advanced compliance scanning, management and email encryption has been added to SonicWALL, which will prevent data leaks and regulatory violations
• The Hosted Email Security will now prompt users with a notification email which will carry instructions to log in to a secure portal and to read or download email in a secure manner
• Be able to access encrypted email even from their mobile devices
• Scanning of outbound email content and attachments for sensitive data
• In order to reduce spoofed mail and spam from attacking the systems, Dell has added Domain-based Message Authentication and Reporting and Conformance to the solution to the SonicWALL Hosted Email Security


DOJ Expresses to Private Sector: "Strengthen Cybersecurity"

The Department of Justice is on the move expressing to all businesses in the private sector to step up it's security programs.  This comes after the last few years of multiple, highly publicized data breaches at large companies. 

The DOJ security sector had a round-table discussion last month, talking about what the private sector must do to become a safer infrastructure as a whole.  Assistant attorney general, Leslie Caldwell deployed late last a year a special cybersecurity unit that is aimed at helping the public and private security efforts.

At last months roundtable, the DOJ issued documents directed to the private sector, on means of preventing cyber intrusions and how to deal with security breaches.  Below are some of the topics discussed:

Set priorities: Identify mission critical-data assets, referred to by DoJ as the "crown jewels," and institute a tiered approach to protect those assets. Approaches should include risk-management tools such as those recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Develop a Plan: Create an actionable incident-response plan that includes testing the plan with exercises, as well as a system for updating the plan. Ensure that technology for dealing with incidents is in place or easily obtainable.
Utilize Non-Technology Components: Engage legal counsel with expertise in cyber incident issues; align human resources policies with incident response plans; develop proactive relationships with relevant law enforcement agencies, outside counsel, public relations firms, and investigative and cybersecurity firms.

The Justice Department also offered some suggestions for businesses on what to do during a cyber attack or intrusion:

Assess damage: Organizations experiencing a breach should make an initial assessment of the scope and nature of the incident to determine, in particular, whether it is a malicious act or a technological glitch, and take steps to minimize continuing damage consistent with the organization's cyber incident response plan. In addition, the breach victim should collect and preserve data related to the incident -- including logs, notes and other records -- and image the network.
Send notifications: Consistent with the incident response plan, the victim organization should notify appropriate management personnel internally, as well as law enforcement, other possible victims, and the Department of Homeland Security.
Shut down: Affected organizations should not use compromised systems to communicate, and they absolutely should not try to "hack back" or intrude upon another network.
(Courtesy of E-Commerce Times)

Of course, there's always more one can do than explained above.  Third party expertise and equipment is also extremely important in any enterprise's security plan and finding the right path to take is extremely important on a security and monetary level. 
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