Are you Protected? The Different Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber security protection is of the up most priority for businesses of all sizes. Hackers are becoming more and more vigilant in their techniques, while staying away from the prying eyes of anti-virus software.  That's why investing in top-notch security is never a waste of capital.


Malware, short for "malicious software", is any type of software with malicious intent. This can be adware, spyware, key loggers and so on, that is specifically designed to destroy and/or steal sensitive information.  Most users have experienced some type of malware that has infected their computer.    


Viruses have been around longer than malware, but this doesn't mean they are easier to clean out from an infected computer.  Viruses tend to latch on to and hide in files, making them very difficult to detect.  Even if you have discovered what files are infected, depending on the complexity of the virus, there could be other files that the virus has moved to.


Having a computer that is infected with a worm can be more lethal than a virus. The main reason being that worms don't need a file or program to operate from.  They can replicate on the host computer, which a virus does also, but a worm can replicate over an entire computer network, making worms very dangerous.  

Brute Force Password Attack 

A brute force attack involves someone using software that attempts millions of different combinations of passwords to find out what a user's password is.  This can take a long time depending of the complexity of the user's password.  Which is the reason why a complex password with numerous types of characters is vital to a secure profile. 

Denial-Of-Service Attacks  

A DoS attack typically means the interruption of a network.  The attacker uses one or more computers to overload a network, by sending large amounts of data or traffic to the network, until the network becomes overloaded ("Denial-of Service").   

This is just a short list of the most common types of attacks.  As we continue to develop new technologies to combat these attacks, the attackers continue to develop also.  If you are in the search for a more secure network brightstack's Flex Security Solution will fit your needs.  

Our Flex Security Solution delivers the most comprehensive security solution available on the market today. It is a complete turn-key service that provides maximum visibility into your network on a real-time basis and semi- or fully-automated detection/resolution for the vast majority of potential threats. And since Flex Security is offered “as a service,” there are no capital expenditures required and it will never become obsolete.