LinkNYC: Connecting NYC One Wi-Fi Hot Spot at a Time

You may have heard late last year about LinkNYC, an innovative plan to create 10,000 Wi-Fi kiosks throughout New York City.  Here is a description directly from "LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that will bring the fastest available municipal Wi-Fi to millions of New Yorkers, small businesses, and visitors. The five-borough LinkNYC network, which will be funded through advertising revenues, will be built at no cost to taxpayers and will generate more than $500 million in revenue for the City over the first 12 years".  These Wi-Fi kiosks will support free Wi-Fi, phone calls to anywhere in the world, phone charging stations and touch screens to access city services and directions.  

What's really exciting is that all of the Wi-Fi gear will be supplied by Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus Wireless is a one stop shop for all things Wi-Fi, catered to carriers and enterprises in need of high-bandwidth applications and services.  Ruckus Wireless was recently named a "Technology Pioneer", by the World Economic Forum and is credited to creating the first "Smart Wi-Fi" system, which automatically avoids interference, extends signal range and adapts to its' environment.  brightstack is a proud authorized dealer for Ruckus Wireless and considers Ruckus Wireless to be a best of breed wireless solution.

Ruckus will be supplying dual-band 802.11ac outdoor access points for LinkNYC. This type of technology is designed for high traffic areas, such as plazas, shopping centers, and dense urban areas.  LinkNYC is claiming that once the project is complete it will be the largest, fastest free Wi-Fi network in the world, claiming that you will be able to download a two hour movie via Ruckus Wi-Fi, in a mere 30 seconds.  

Similar setups are already around in cities such as San Francisco and San Jose, California.  But this project is on a much larger scale.  LinkNYC is planning project completion by the end of 2015.  Hopefully this trend spills over to more cities, and that eventually every major city in America will have free Wi-Fi!