ShoreTel Newsletter February 2015

ShoreTel Newsletter
ShoreTel Newsletter  February 2015
Welcome to the February edition of brightstack's ShoreTel newsletter! The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest enhancements available from ShoreTel. We hope you will find this information useful and will help you become more productive and get the most value from your system with brightstack! For more information on any of these items reach out to your account manager or reply to this email or call us at 212-812-9450 option 2.
UC in the Cloud Brings Solid Business Benefits

It seems anything that can be in the cloud is already there, or soon will be. And that holds for unified communications (UC). According to IDC, there’s a strong demand for unified communications and collaboration, which has been spurred by areas such as mobility, collaboration, videoconferencing, and the integration of business processes with communications, so that workers can easily communicate anywhere, any time and on any device.

IDC also found that much of the worldwide market is still transitioning from older telephony and messaging platforms to UC platforms. And as they do, businesses that have experience with cloud services for other applications will likely look to the cloud for their communications needs as well.

Research and Markets predicts the global UC market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of almost 16 percent until 2016—much of it fueled by the shift to cloud-based communications. But is cloud UCC, also known as UC-as-a-service (UCaaS), the right path for everyone? Companies of all sizes and in almost every industry use hosted VoIP—the one thing they have in common is that they rely on their phones to generate revenue and support clients.

The Case for Cloud UC

With all the hype surrounding UC in the cloud, it’s understandable that the real issues are cloudy as far as enterprises are concerned. Just as with opting for the cloud with data storage, software or infrastructure, cloud UC offers many of the same benefits, including:

Cost savings: Companies looking to migrate from capital expenses to operating expenses are likely to be most interested in cloud UC. Rather than investing capital upfront for on-premise equipment and software, businesses can have a subscription service to a hosted UC system with predictable monthly costs.

Flexibility and Scalability: Cloud UC makes it easier to add, remove and change users and services on the fly without having to make additional infrastructure investments or wait patiently for a carrier to add new lines. Hosted UC can simplify scalability, which is an attractive selling point for rapidly growing businesses.

Reliability: Frequent backups, 24/7 monitoring and off-site hosting make cloud UC a good strategy for businesses concerned about disaster recovery and redundancy of their communications.

Maintenance: Cloud UC providers handle all the heavy lifting, including setting up infrastructure, applications, and services, which frees up internal IT departments to focus on other tasks.

These benefits can be realized whether a business chooses to completely outsource its UC functions or opts for a hybrid cloud model where a company wants to retain its own infrastructure and run UC services on top of it.

ShoreTel customers can choose on-premises or cloud deployment for unified communications. With ShoreTel Sky, your business can take advantage of a cloud-based UC suite that is both hosted and managed. Or you can use ShoreTel’s premises-based platform for brilliantly simple IP telephony, contact center, and UC services.

Brilliantly Simple Mobile Video Collaboration Now Available with ShoreTel Sky Mobility
SThe perfect storm of mobile devices, social media and a growing demand for instant gratification has had a tremendous impact on customer experience across all markets. With the ubiquity of mobile phones, disgruntled customers can and do post negative comments on social media at the drop of a hat, which can seriously affect businesses, including their bottom line.

In today’s “always on” world with its ever-increasing speed of technology and business innovation, organizations need to be more mindful of the customer experience than ever before and put the customer right at the heart of the business. If they don’t, they risk not only losing customers to the competition, but even worse, having the entire experience chronicled on social media for the world to see.

Instituting a comprehensive customer experience strategy across the entire enterprise is critical to ensuring that the correct messaging gets out, that problems and issues are addressed immediately and quickly, and that customers feel their voices are being heard at every step.

Here are 8 best practices organizations should seriously consider to improve their customers’ experience:

1. Become a customer-centric organization. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it doesn’t hurt for companies to be reminded of how important their customers really are. Thinking about customers at every stage and putting their satisfaction first will go a long way toward instilling customer loyalty and promoting positive word of mouth.

2. Enable two-way communication with customers. Allow customers to interact with your business through social media, email and a website and ensure responses are sent in a timely manner. Even better, implement real-time communications through chat windows or mobile phone. Many customers may prefer self-serve and automated options, but to cover all your bases also ensure they can reach a human being whenever they need to.

3. Create a personalized experience. Every customer is different and should be treated as such. This includes using past customer behavior to predict future preferences and behavior, tailoring content based on prior interest, and creating user profiles based on social media data.

4. Implement multichannel communications. Related to the previous item, this includes being able to respond to customers via the same channel they are using, including IVR, social media and mobile apps.

5. Create an optimized mobile experience. Ensure you have a mobile website that can perform all the functions of the full site, including the ability to conduct transactions, and sync that information with customer data and information coming from other sources.

6. Ensure a consistent experience across all platforms. Whether customers choose to interact with your company through digital media or in person, their experience should be equally stellar.

7. Keep information up-to-date. There’s nothing worse than finding outdated information on a web or mobile site or app. Designate a team that keeps track of changes that can then be automatically disseminated to every customer touch point.

8. Support multisite contact centers. This type of deployment greatly improves the customer experience by converging voice, text, web and other means of communications onto a single, centralized platform.

Learn how you can simplify your customer communications with ShoreTel Contact Center solutions on-premises or in the cloud.
Dr. Martens Selects ShoreTel for best "value for the money", over Cisco, Avaya and Mitel

The British shoe and clothing brand recently selected ShoreTel as it's main provider of VoIP phone systems according to  The main reasons for switching was affordability and ease of use, compared to other systems.

 "We sat down with ShoreTel and we sat down with [IT integrator] Lily Systems, who is our partner in Europe, and we discussed what the benefits of the ShoreTel solution was in comparison to the other products. And after liaising with the US office, it made ShoreTel a no-brainer,"-Nigel Harris, European Network Manager for Dr. Martens.

 You can read the article in it's entirety here. 

FREE ShoreTel Basic Administrator Training


This FREE Online Training provided by brightstack is open to any ShoreTel Administrator. This course is designed for administrators responsible for maintaining their ShoreTel Voice over IP Telephone system. At the end of this course, you will successfully use ShoreTel Director to:

• Log into the ShoreTel Director
• Create new administrators of the ShoreTel Director
• Create a new user including COS and User groups
• Place a new IP or analog phone onto the system
• Bring a new switch into service
• Add trunks to the system
• Configure call control features such as Hunt Groups
• Configure the system Auto Attendant menus
• Configure Workgroups on the system
• Create System Schedules

This free event will be hosted on Thursday, February 12th, from 1:00PM to 4:00PM (EST) Simply click here to register!

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