Is Sitting the Worst Part of our Jobs?

Many doctors believe so, and consider sitting the new smoking.  Many people already know that sitting around all day isn't good for any one, but at work it seems that people can forget this notion and will sit in a chair for hours on end.  I for one will admit to this and I'm sure many of you will too.  I don't think we should go to the extreme in saying that sitting is the new smoking, but many studies point to it being a very unhealthy proponent of our work/personal lifestyles. 

Here are some tips on keeping with the up n' up and breaking those bad sitting habits: 

  1. Work Out at your Desk: Sure you can't go all out in the middle of your office, but there are still ways to stay active, even at your desk.  Activities such as push ups and crunches, along with squats and using small weights to get your reps in.  
  2. Take a Walk:  This doesn't mean you need to get up every hour and take a walk around the neighborhood.  But take advantage of walking to and from places around the office.  Instead of sending that email out to a co-worker, you could walk over to their desk.  You could even get other co-workers involved with standing during meetings for a change.  
  3. Sit On a Stability Ball: I'm sure some of you have seen people on T.V or even in your own office using one of those big stability balls to sit on.  They actual do provide some great benefits, besides just looking funny. Such as exercising your core from the effect of balancing yourself to keep from rolling off the ball. 
  4. Stand!:  Yes, the most obvious, but it is a great way to help keep your body active.  Just standing can burn calories.  If your desk doesn't compliment standing, then try and find other reasons to stand up and take a walk. 
  5. Stairs, Stairs and More Stairs:  Instead of using the elevator to travel in and out of your office, try using the stairs.  It's like a miniature work out every time you go up and down.