Why Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect is What You Need in Your Life

Viruses, viruses and more viruses, there’s nothing worse than having a virus in your place of business.  There is a vast amount of data that any hacker would love to get their hands on.  With the threat level of cyber-attacks increasing, more and more companies are re-thinking how they manage their security infrastructure.  Many businesses have employees out of office, either working remotely or out visiting clients/prospects.  Now pair this with their ability to access sensitive company information via their smartphones and tablets on public Wi-Fi, and you can see why mobile security should be a factor in every business.  

Of course you don’t want to make it impossible for your employees to work remotely with sensitive data.  The key here is balancing security and work flow in the best possible manner. With Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect, you can set parameters that justify who can see and use sensitive data.  Your IT department can control mobile web resources, file shares, and client-server resources, through a single management interface. Other features included with Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect are adding full malware scanning of SSL-encrypted traffic, application control, jailbreak and root detection for mobile devices, and more.

Dell SonicWALL can bring more certainty to an ever changing environment.  Giving you the peace of mind knowing that your business is not just secure internally, but is also secure externally.  If you have any questions on Dell SonicWall and its products don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’d be glad to answer your questions and provide any further assistance. 


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