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Technology Newsletter  December 2014


Welcome to the December edition of the brightstack technology newsletter! The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest technology news. We hope you will find this information useful and will help you to become more productive by getting the most value from your partnership with brightstack! For more information on any of these items please reach out to your account manager or call us at 212-812-9450 option 2.
The Industrial Internet and Big Data Analytics
Todays world is more connected than even 5 years ago and its going to keep growing.  Some may say that all this technology may not be a good thing, but if you're not investing more in to big data analytics, then you're behind much of your competition.  According to Accenture and GE, 73% of companies are already investing over 20% of their technology budget into Big Data analytics.  The biggest investors are ones in aviation, wind power, power generation, rail, mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing. All while using the Industrial Internet.

The Industrial Internet, defined by Accenture and GE as the use of sensor, software, machine-to-machine learning and other technologies to gather and analyze data from physical objects or other large data streams, and then use those analyses to manage operations and in some cases to offer new, valued-added services.  By 2020 it is predicted that the Industrial Internet will be worth 500 billion in world wide spending.

With all this in mind, implementing more Big Data analytics in to a complicated industry can create powerful solutions for machinery and other operating systems.  One study from Deutsche Bank Research, shows that the use of the Industrial Internet and Big Data analytics, while creating more flexible production techniques, could boost their productivity up to 30%. 

To find out more about Big Data Analytics and the Industrial Internet click here.

Measures to Consider to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Recently we have seen many large, multinational companies come under attack from hackers.  Resulting sometimes in huge expenses and damaging b2c & b2b relationships.  There are a number of techniques every business should follow to help aid against the possible threat of a security breach.  Bellow is a list of some of the most notable ways of helping prevent a cyber attack in your company: 

1. Conduct a security audit: Hire a IT professional to conduct a security audit of your company's IT infrastructure.  This way you will find out what areas are at their weakest and be able to develop stronger security measures to prevent future attacks. 

2. Let your staff know the important role they serve in keeping the company secured:  Making sure your staff is well informed on different anti-virus protocols is impeccable to a safer work place.  As many virus sneak in through someone clicking and downloading a malicious link. 

3. Encrypt and backup your data:  Something that is very simple to implement, yet many companies may not use it.  Encryption helps keep confidential information safe by making it near impossible for a hacker to read it.  Backing up data to an outside source ensures that if there is a cyber attack, all the original data can be recovered

4. Develop security policies:  It's one thing to explicitly say what your employees should be doing to prevent security breaches, it's another to have a solid written security policy to keep structure in the workplace.  Maker sure employees that are connecting to your companies network have their own security software implemented on their laptops, along with policies for giving out personal information over the phone.

5. Mobile security: In todays world many company's employees may have confidential information on their phones regarding client information and/or company information.  Make sure that everyone has all the necessary security policies for their mobile devices.
Using OneNote
Microsoft OneNote is a great example of how the Cloud can make you more productive, provide access to your data from anywhere and allow you to bring your own device. I have used other applications, such as Evernote and Samsung S-Note, but hands down, OneNote is the best. There is no “save” button in OneNote, everything is automatically saved as it is entered. And, as it is saved, it syncs to all my devices. I am able to access my Diary, Planner and Meeting notes across all these devices:
· My Laptop
· Remote Desktop via OneNote application
· Samsung Galaxy S5
· Tablet
· Home PC via Web Interface

What makes it even more appealing to use all these devices is that I can handwrite notes on my tablet and the handwriting will appear in the OneNote Notebook on all my devices. If a device doesn’t allow me to write, I can type notes instead.

OneNote also allows me to:
Add a checkbox so I can cross off tasks once they are done.
Add a “tag” next to each tag.
Draw within a document.
Copy and paste from other documents.
Take a screenshot within any other application and automatically insert it into OneNote.
Print a document directly into OneNote.
Send a task in OneNote directly into Outlook.
Link my Outlook Calendar so I can take meeting notes within OneNote automatically.
Email pages from OneNote.
Share my Notebook with others on my team.

The best part? The application itself is free!

These are only some of the many benefits of OneNote. Please join us on Thursday, January 22 at 11:30 for a 30 minute live Online end user training on tips and tricks for OneNote. You can register here:
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