ShoreTel Newsletter January 2015

ShoreTel Newsletter
ShoreTel Newsletter  January 2015
Welcome to the January edition of brightstack's ShoreTel newsletter! The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest enhancements available from ShoreTel®. We hope you will find this information useful and will help you become more productive and get the most value from your system with brightstack®! For more information on any of these items reach out to your account manager or reply to this email or call us at 212-812-9450 option 2.

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Fax Isn't Dead. It Moved to the Cloud
When is the last time you used a fax machine, with its ear-piercing screeches of connection? If you’re like most business professionals, it’s been a long time—or maybe never. The technology world evolved many times over since the fax machine was invented nearly 50 years ago, but if you have sent or received a fax recently, it was probably from the cloud.

Faxing is alive and well in mortgage banking, insurance agencies, physicians’ offices, hospitals, and in other highly regulated industries. This is largely due to the fact that faxed contracts are generally considered to be legally binding—and consequently, why a faxed signature can usually be accepted in lieu of an original signature in ink. For example, mortgage documents and HIPAA release forms are often faxed since it holds the same weight as the signed-in-person version. If you do business internationally, you’ve probably sent or received faxes as well. Delis, community banks, and other local businesses may also use broadcast fax for marketing.

Reap efficiencies by moving your faxing to the cloud. A cloud-based fax service:

Reduces waste. Using a cloud fax service eliminates the waste associated with printing out documents to send or receiving documents via a physical fax machine. A cloud fax service is a greener choice.

Is convenient. You can fax from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, whether it’s from your laptop or mobile device. You can fax to a phone number, email address, a server, or even an old-timey dedicated fax machine.

Integrates easily with other cloud apps. A fax service integrates easily with your other essential cloud apps. Whether you’re using GoogleDocs, storing files in Dropbox, or relying on to keep sales and communications flowing, you can easily send and receive faxes with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Cuts administrative hassle. Storing your faxes in the cloud takes pressure off your in-house IT team and budget. Your IT administrator doesn’t need to buy, install and manage an on-premise fax server. Nor do you have to pay for long distance telephone charges.

With cloud services like ShoreTel Sky Fax, you can receive incoming faxes directly into your email inbox and send outbound faxes as email attachments. It’s that easy.
Brilliantly Simple Mobile Video Collaboration Now Available with ShoreTel Sky Mobility
ShoreTel the leading provider of brilliantly simple phone systems and unified communications (UC) solutions, today launched an update to ShoreTel Sky Mobility that empowers ShoreTel users with simple, seamless mobile-enabled video conferencing so that employees can stay connected with their colleagues wherever they may be working. ShoreTel Mobility 8 is now available for ShoreTel Sky users, bringing functionality recently made available to on-premises customers to the cloud.

ShoreTel Sky Mobility makes it easy to communicate via video between iOS and Android smartphones and tablets using the ShoreTel Sky Mobility Client, with single touch video calling from the keypad. Point-to-Point video within the enterprise is supported and video calls can be placed over local or remote Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The ability to add video to existing voice calls or revert a video call to voice-only is also supported.

“ShoreTel Sky Mobility is designed to extend unified communications applications to the device that people love most – their own smartphones,” said Pej Roshan, vice president of product management at ShoreTel. “Users can now use video communication to be more productive, and also enjoy added enterprise desk phone features such as extension dialing and call transfer on their smartphones.”

With ShoreTel Sky Mobility, users can make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal cellular numbers while the best network (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or cellular) is automatically selected. Fast and automatic network handover helps maintain call continuity across networks, and automatically moves calls to Wi-Fi when available, slashing mobile costs.

Another enhancement to the ShoreTel Sky Mobility client is the addition of the “join” button for one-touch audio bridge login, which frees users from juggling apps while trying to memorize numbers and passcodes. The “join” button also works with third-party Web collaboration tools.

ShoreTel Sky Mobility is available now in the U.S. for cloud-based customers from qualified ShoreTel reseller partners and can be directly downloaded from the Apple store or from the Google Play Store.
Retaining Your Millennial Employees: Try UC B4 it’s 2Late

The Millennial generation is rapidly becoming a valuable segment of the modern business workforce. The Millennials—people aged 21 to 34—are the largest generation in American history, almost three times the size of Generation X. According to a Pew Research Center report, Millennials are highly educated, self-confident and ambitious.

Most importantly, they are more mobile and tech savvy than any previous generation. Millennials are also more likely to view technology in a positive light and count on it to be productive. They are frequent users of social media for communicating and research, and they produce millions of posts on social media per minute. However, research from Alsop shows that Millennials have a strong desire for a fulfilling job, which leads them to be frequent job-hoppers. In fact, a Fidelity report revealed that younger workers stayed with their employer a median of only three years.

Keeping Millennials Happy

When it comes to the technology they need to work, Millennials can be demanding. To help these employees be as productive as possible, you need a modern business phone system that keeps young workers engaged.

One smart option is to provide a business phone system that allows Millennials to use a variety of communication channels and move seamlessly from voice to email to conferencing. These systems offer unified communications capabilities, including:

Built-in multimedia tools. With the touch of a button, employees can turn a simple phone call into a multimedia discussion session. Millennials are accustomed to communicating quickly and collaborating instantly, so having multimedia tools available in the business phone environment is critical.

Tight integration with email and calendar. Because the ShoreTel business phone system is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Millennials can transform a calendar appointment into a full collaboration experience with both internal and external co-workers and/or customers. Your Millennials will stay productive if they have the ability to send a voicemail message via email and easily retrieve voicemail without leaving Outlook.

Collaboration tools. Millennials grew up communicating with FaceTime and Skype vs. voice-only calling. So at work they expect to use the latest collaboration tools, such as video conferencing with room-based systems, peer-to-peer video and web conferencing. These are now a must-have for your younger employees.

CRM integration. Millennials (as well as your entire team) need instant access to CRM tools and directories. Having phone data aligned with business data in the CRM system can yield higher overall sales productivity.

Instant messaging. As a generation that uses Likes, Tweets and hashtags to gain immediate attention, Millennials expect instant gratification and answers. Providing instant messaging and chat tools between employees needs to be an important cornerstone of your business phone system.

Don’t let your Millennials twitter away to a new job because you haven’t updated your aging phone system. Learn more about ShoreTel’s business phone system solutions.

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