The End of Microsoft Clip Art Has Come

This Week Microsoft said goodbye to its clip art that we have all come to love over the years. Clip art always came in handy to polish off a essay in school or create a power point presentation. But Microsoft now claims its too expensive maintaining the 100,000 image library. 

Microsoft now sends users to to search for images. But I feel as though this is signaling a bigger paradigm shift for Microsoft and the search engine bing.

Obviously the clip is outdated, with options like Google Images available why bother sorting through clip art. Moreover Microsoft has been struggling to get users to use its search engine and image search. For Microsoft getting users to use bing is nothing short of a challenge considering it is consistently second to Google. As reported by search engine watch, in 2014 Google ranked the highest in the US with a 67.6 percent market share leave bing trailing distantly at 18.7 percent. With numbers like that it does not surprise me Microsoft is looking to bring up bing usage. But lets face it, the word search is now synonymous with Google. 

Recently NPR pointed out in their article, about the removal of the clip art, Microsoft is known to sneak in discontinued features

 "Microsoft has been known to bring back discontinued features in Office. For years now, the company has been sneaking Clippy, that annoying, and discontinued paper clip Office assistant, into new versions of its programs" 

Maybe we will see a new version of clip art rolled out into Office. The web based Office 365 programs have so many capabilities it would be great to see some more fun features like that inserted. Then again I would take any new feature over trying to stop Clippy from jumping into my document constantly.