VMWare for storage management?

Posted by Lou Person on May 02, 2011 in Cloud Journey

I was talking with my colleagues at VMWare today, and they said something very nonchalantly that was incredibly powerful.  I don’t know if they realized this at the time, but they basically said “VMWare will do the storage management.”  In my mind, this meant we can go lower end on storage as the storage management tools (snapshots, replication, de-duplication, etc.) become even less important at the SAN level because they are being done at the VMWare level. 

VMWare is in beta with a VSA (Virtual SAN Appliance) similar to the HP LeftHand VSA.  I expect this to be a major trend in the future, but when it comes to storage, at least for now, it is better to have the extra layer of protection than not to have it.  Sure, relying on VMWare to do storage management seems like a great idea.  It will be more cost effective, require less management and minimize the amount of layers in our cloud stack.  However, the extra management and the additional layer related to the SAN will yield a more reliable solution.  Over time, I do expect the costs of SANs to drop dramatically as the intelligence is stripped out of the SAN, but not yet.