Smack down in the Clouds: Full-on Implementation or Technology as a Service

Posted by Lou Person on Oct 28, 2011 in Cloud Journey

But first, a word about terminology:

Heads up: Definitions can vary widely.  This is how we see things at brightstack and where this blog is coming from.  If you have questions, please call me at [212-812-9446] .

Disruptive  Potential

Cloud implementation
Today’s leading IT analysts often tout the business benefits of technological change. But many IT professionals would beg to differ. Fearing chaos, some flat out resist change, effectively trading progress for predictability. Fearing inertia, others mistake movement for momentum and jump from one thing to the next. Either way, it can be disruptive when fear of change, rather than its promise, is calling the shots.  Perhaps it should not be surprising that more than half of the IT decision makers who participated in a recent survey cited fear of change as the number one roadblock to cloud implementation. [1]

Cloud-enabled Technology as a Service
It is not necessary to idle or retire your existing IT network  to get the benefit of Cloud-enabled Technology as a Service. Although given that users could use the? Internet to access technology that is physically housed in brightstack’s data center, retiring it gradually may be worth considering. Reducing the size of your IT footprint can result in significant advantage, financially as well as in terms of sustainability. There is no need to fear a loss of data. 
2011 State of the Cloud Survey, Symatect Vision, Oct. 4, 2011