Integrating ShoreTel with other Third Party Systems

Posted by Lou Person on Apr 25, 2011 in Cloud Journey

Integrating ShoreTel with third party phone systems is easy to do and provides many benefits. Here are some of the many benefits, we will describe how it is done below:

•    With our program, you can integrate the many benefits of ShoreTel Unified Communications and Mobility into your legacy or new phone system.
•    You will have one fully integrated system.
•    ShoreTel extensions can dial the extensions on the other system – and vice versa - internally and across locations via 3 or 4 digit dialing.
•    ShoreTel extensions can dial out trunks on the other system – and vice versa.
•    You can integrate in SIP trunks and SIP devices on the ShoreTel system.
•    You can leverage all the benefits of ShoreTel’s Unified Communications Platform (Mobility, Office Anywhere, Video Calls, Chat, Call Manager, Voicemail to email, etc).
Here is how we do it:
•    Trunks (T1, POTs, SIP, etc) are required on the other system.
•    A ShoreTel  switch is integrated with the other system via a tie.
•    The ShoreTel system is programmed with the range of extensions on the other system. The other system is programmed with the ShoreTel extensions. Extensions on both systems can now access each other through the T1 to T1 tie.
•    The ShoreTel system is programmed to use trunks (PRI, T1, Pots line, phone line, etc) on the other system for dial tone. Trunks can also be connected to the ShoreTel system.
•    Users on the ShoreTel system are provided with voicemail on the ShoreTel system.
•    The ShoreTel system is managed through ShoreTel Director, an award winning management interface to manage the “single image” ShoreTel system.