Do I need an electric power station in my back yard?

Posted by Lou Person on Apr 10, 2011 in Cloud Journey

I had a meeting with a client in the later part of 2009. He has always been a very forward thinker and ahead of his time.

I have always considered myself to be a futurist. As such what he said really resonated with me. He asked me “I get power to my house from the utility company, do they have a power generator in my back yard? No. Then why should I have servers in my office?” I tried to reverse the question and ask him what he needed to run his data network as a utility. This was back in 2009, but a lot has happened since then, mostly the cost of bandwidth and storage continuing to drop, and the big technology players investing marketing in Cloud. If then were now, I would have guided him into the cloud. However, it was really his analogy of having a power line from a utility deliver power to his house, rather than a huge, costly and depreciative infrastructure in his backyard that resonated with me.