Building a Mobile Computing Security Strategy

Posted by Lou Person on Sep 14, 2011 in Cloud Journey
Part one: The Why and What 
(Hint: You already know all about when and where — anytime, anywhere)

Why a Mobile Computing Security Strategy?
As if dealing with rapidly evolving devices, operating systems and business models wasn’t scary enough, according to newly released data, mobile computing security exploits are on track to double this year. [1] Considering that both your mobile computing ecosystem and the forces that threaten it are in a state of constant change, unexpected disruptions are to be expected. You can’t plan for them, but you’d be crazy not to prepare. Having a mobile security strategy in place is a lot like having a flashlight in your briefcase. If your mobile environment suddenly goes dark, its job is to help you see where you’re going-- not to show you how to get there. You’ll just have to cross that bridge when you come to it.

What information should be included?
All industries, organizations and technologies are subject to unique vulnerabilities. It is a good idea to give careful consideration to these specific areas of concerns and how they might be addressed. Add to them as many of these types of basic precautionary measures that apply:

  • WHEN DRIVING:  the device must be powered off and put away.
  •  IF YOU MUST USE THE DEVICE: Pull over and stop the car before powering it on.
  • Refresh passwords regularly.
  • Lock devices when not in use.
  •  Shield sensitive information from onlookers/eavesdroppers.
  • Make it a habit to check for devices when leaving any area.
  • Use tracking feature to find lost devices.
  • Use kill feature to erase data when necessary.

Note:  Generally speaking, the best mobile security strategies share the following characteristics. 

  • They are:
  • Easy to read
  • Specific
  • Updated frequently
  • Practical but not technical

They contain:

  • As little text as possible (Think Cliff Notes not Encyclopedia of Britannica)
  • Just enough detail to be helpful to as many people as possible