Is Sitting the Worst Part of our Jobs?

Many doctors believe so, and consider sitting the new smoking.  Many people already know that sitting around all day isn't good for any one, but at work it seems that people can forget this notion and will sit in a chair for hours on end.  I for one will admit to this and I'm sure many of you will too.  I don't think we should go to the extreme in saying that sitting is the new smoking, but many studies point to it being a very unhealthy proponent of our work/personal lifestyles. 

Why Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect is What You Need in Your Life

Viruses, viruses and more viruses, there’s nothing worse than having a virus in your place of business.  There is a vast amount of data that any hacker would love to get their hands on.  With the threat level of cyber-attacks increasing, more and more companies are re-thinking how they manage their security infrastructure.  Many businesses have employees out of office, either working remotely or out visiting clients/prospects.  Now pair this with their ability to access sensitive company information via their smartphones and tablets on public Wi-Fi, and you can see why mobile security should be a factor in every business.

ShoreTel Newsletter February 2015

UC in the Cloud Brings Solid Business Benefits 

It seems anything that can be in the cloud is already there, or soon will be. And that holds for unified communications (UC). According to IDC, there’s a strong demand for unified communications and collaboration, which has been spurred by areas such as mobility, collaboration, videoconferencing, and the integration of business processes with communications, so that workers can easily communicate anywhere, any time and on any device.

Technology Newsletter February 2015

lifesize Starting 2015 with a Bang 

Todays world is much more connected than it  has been before.  For your employees, being out of the office is more the "norm" than it used to be.  Meaning that you need to have a reliable, easy to use web conferencing tools to keep connected with remote employees.  This past month lifesize has introduced more capabilities to meet every size business needs.  

Preparing for a Disaster and Disaster Recovery

By Eric Laff

You don't believe a disaster can happen until it happens to you. It's at that moment the reality set in of the situation, I should have made a disaster recovery plan. Because in this day and age when there is downtime it is literally like losing money by the minute. New York lucked out this past week. We missed what could have been the biggest blizzard in history. But in the process it made me consider the subject matter of disaster recovery and preparedness. Having 99 percent up-time is important, generally speaking its rare for a business to have that as it requires a lot of capital. There are ways to minimize downtime in the event of a disaster. 

Investing in cloud based solutions is a big one. Having onsite resources, like data storage and Email, is convenient until they are down. According to Business Solutions

Hybrid cloud disaster recovery services can help businesses eliminate the need for a secondary disaster recovery site, thereby enhancing traditional disaster recovery solutions and delivering disaster recovery solutions for remote offices

A key advantage with the cloud based solutions is the 99 percent up-time. A service like Gmail or Microsoft Office 365 can help reduce an organizations down time and maintain continuity. Another option is hybrid cloud based solution. Having some application on the cloud and onsite is often more financially feasible then full cloud based solution.

Here are some basic ideas to consider when formulating a disaster recovery plan:

  • Backups can be a life saver in the event of data loss or corruption
  • Cloud-based Mail and Storage, again is a great way to economically and safely handle email and data storage. Office 365 is a great solution again offering all sorts of great features.
  • Consider Moving important application to cloud providers for access in case of emergencies, companies like Amazon and Rackspace can provide hosting for important organizational applications. Virtualization can be a great tool as well in the event of a Server crash, spinning up a replicated server in order to reduce downtime. 
  • Power, having a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for emergency power can provide vital time needed to perform and backups or data transfer,2817,2408801,00.asp

Blizzard Juno, January 26-27, 2015

The National Weather Service is predicting a Blizzard starting Monday through Tuesday, January 22.  brightstack is advising our customers to take preparations ahead of the forecasted weather event.  We do not anticipate wide spread power outages, but we do anticipate interruption in travel and the ability to physically access offices throughout the impacted area.  We encourage our clients to prepare their organizations to work and collaborate remotely for the next few days.  Our recommendations are as follows:


1)        If you are not a brightstack communications customer, have a copy of your voice and data bills available with your account information so you can make changes to your service if necessary during any outages.

2)        We may be unable to physically access your office Tuesday depending on conditions so please make contingency arrangements with us.

3)        Make sure you have access to your domain's registrar so you can make changes to host records for your domain, specifically to aid in re-routing email should there be a power interruption and you’re on premise email server is inaccessible.

4)        If you are a brightstack ShoreTel customer and need help changing your auto attendant or greetings because of snow closures and need assistance please reach out to us.

5)        If your email is on premise in your office and there is a power outage, prepare your users to access any email continuity services (such as SpamSoap or Postini).

6)        Prepare your users to use External Assignment or Find/Me follow me features on their phones so calls can be re-routed.

7)        Create an emergency contact sheet with alternative contact information for your staff, please forward that to us.

You will be able to contact us through the same support methods (212-812-9450 option 1 or email As a backup, we have also setup a web site to provide important updates. The website can be found here:

8)        Through LIfeSize, we have made available a FREE 2 week no obligation trial of Enterprise video conferencing using any number of devices.  This could aid in collaboration for a remote workforce due to closures and interruptions in travel:

9)        Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns leading up to Blizzard Juno.


We are hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. We look forward to helping you prepare for what we hope is a non-event.


ShoreTel Newsletter January 2015

Fax Isn't Dead. It Moved to the Cloud

When is the last time you used a fax machine, with its ear-piercing screeches of connection? If you’re like most business professionals, it’s been a long time—or maybe never. The technology world evolved many times over since the fax machine was invented nearly 50 years ago, but if you have sent or received a fax recently, it was probably from the cloud.

ShoreTel Newsletter December 2014

Welcome to the December edition of brightstack's ShoreTel newsletter! The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest enhancements available from ShoreTel®. We hope you will find this information useful and will help you become more productive and get the most value from your system with brightstack®! For more information on any of these items reach out to your account manager or reply to this email or call us at 212-812-9450 option 2.