LinkNYC: Connecting NYC One Wi-Fi Hot Spot at a Time

You may have heard late last year about LinkNYC, an innovative plan to create 10,000 Wi-Fi kiosks throughout New York City.  Here is a description directly from "LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that will bring the fastest available municipal Wi-Fi to millions of New Yorkers, small businesses, and visitors. The five-borough LinkNYC network, which will be funded through advertising revenues, will be built at no cost to taxpayers and will generate more than $500 million in revenue for the City over the first 12 years".  These Wi-Fi kiosks will support free Wi-Fi, phone calls to anywhere in the world, phone charging stations and touch screens to access city services and directions.  

What's really exciting is that all of the Wi-Fi gear will be supplied by Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus Wireless is a one stop shop for all things Wi-Fi, catered to carriers and enterprises in need of high-bandwidth applications and services.  Ruckus Wireless was recently named a "Technology Pioneer", by the World Economic Forum and is credited to creating the first "Smart Wi-Fi" system, which automatically avoids interference, extends signal range and adapts to its' environment.  brightstack is a proud authorized dealer for Ruckus Wireless and considers Ruckus Wireless to be a best of breed wireless solution.

Ruckus will be supplying dual-band 802.11ac outdoor access points for LinkNYC. This type of technology is designed for high traffic areas, such as plazas, shopping centers, and dense urban areas.  LinkNYC is claiming that once the project is complete it will be the largest, fastest free Wi-Fi network in the world, claiming that you will be able to download a two hour movie via Ruckus Wi-Fi, in a mere 30 seconds.  

Similar setups are already around in cities such as San Francisco and San Jose, California.  But this project is on a much larger scale.  LinkNYC is planning project completion by the end of 2015.  Hopefully this trend spills over to more cities, and that eventually every major city in America will have free Wi-Fi!   

The Future Office is Already Here

Wouldn't it be nice if your job entailed not coming and going at the same time everyday?  A work place that gives you the flexibility to come and go as you please, letting you do what you need to get done, and then being able to leave? How about more windows, more collaboration between workers, face to face, in open spaces, with no cubicles? Well some places do this right now such as Facebook and Google.  You can think of these places as little office test tubes, prime for expanding to a full out solution that many workers, especially Millennial's are looking for.

Manhattan-based Technology Companies – Computer Integrated Services, LLC and brightstack Technologies, LLC – Merge Operations

Manhattan-based Technology Companies – Computer Integrated Services, LLC and brightstack Technologies, LLC – Merge Operations

Combined Organizations Will Provide Full IT Solutions – Design, Build, and Run

New York, N.Y., March 2, 2015 – Computer Integrated Services, L.L.C. (CIS) and brightstack Technologies, L.L.C. (brightstack) announced today that they are merging their organizations in order to leverage the strengths and capabilities of both companies and expand their market and geographic reach.

Both organizations are based in Manhattan, but served different market segments.  brightstack, a technology solutions provider founded in 2004, offers managed services/help desk, unified communication/voice and video systems and IT infrastructure solutions.  Their primary market niche is the SMB market.  CIS is a national systems integrator focused primarily on IT infrastructure solutions.  The new combined organization will be able to leverage the depth and experience of CIS’ engineering staff and brightstack’s expertise in day-to-day infrastructure support and service desk management, providing an end to end technology solution for companies of all sizes.

"There was very little overlap in our solution portfolio, and yet uncanny similarities in our company culture and customer service philosophy," said Dennis Gambow, Managing Partner and CEO of CIS. "It is a perfect fit as we expand our offerings to design, build and run IT infrastructures for the modern workforce.” 

Lou Person, Founder and President of brightstack, echoed the sentiment.  “Even though our market focus was different, I always saw Dennis and his organization as very like-minded when it came to how to run a service organization.”  While brightstack will continue to operate under its own brand as a division of CIS, Person said that he fully expects, “the synergy between the two organizations will raise both our games, and undoubtedly provide exponential benefits for all our clients as well as our employees.”

Founded in 1995, CIS brings specific expertise in end point management, identity management (a leading integrator of NetIQ Identity and Access Solutions and Cloud-Based Provisioning and Password solutions), virtualization and collaboration technologies.  Their primary technology partnerships are with Microsoft, NetIQ, and Citrix.  brightstack’s long-standing partnership with ShoreTel® and Lifesize™ (complementary voice and video solution providers) and unique cloud/hybrid cloud offerings under its FlexOffice® portfolio will now be extended to CIS’ client base.  In return, brightstack clients will have access to offer world class design and implementation experience in complex infrastructure solutions. 

About CIS

Computer Integrated Services (CIS) is a leading provider of IT services across the United States.  CIS specializes in implementing and integrating complex technologies for organizations ranging from large global enterprises to local medium sized businesses.  CIS has established itself as a premier provider of design and implementation services associated with end-point management, identity, and collaboration technologies.  CIS architects and engineers are widely regarded as thought-leaders by both clients and peers across the industry.

About brightstack®

brightstack TECHNOLOGIES is a New York based IT services and solutions provider and a ShoreTel® Premise and SKY Partner as well as a Lifesize®, HP, Microsoft, EMC, VMWare, Dell, SonicWALL and Ruckus Partner.  Their FlexOffice® suite of services for small to mid-sized businesses includes cloud and hybrid cloud offerings in Flex Computing, Flex Communication, Flex Security and FlexOffice Back-up and Disaster Recovery.  Their unique “Happiness Guarantee” is the center of their company culture – a relentless commitment to outstanding customer service and the highest standards for technical excellence.  

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Is Sitting the Worst Part of our Jobs?

Many doctors believe so, and consider sitting the new smoking.  Many people already know that sitting around all day isn't good for any one, but at work it seems that people can forget this notion and will sit in a chair for hours on end.  I for one will admit to this and I'm sure many of you will too.  I don't think we should go to the extreme in saying that sitting is the new smoking, but many studies point to it being a very unhealthy proponent of our work/personal lifestyles. 

Why Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect is What You Need in Your Life

Viruses, viruses and more viruses, there’s nothing worse than having a virus in your place of business.  There is a vast amount of data that any hacker would love to get their hands on.  With the threat level of cyber-attacks increasing, more and more companies are re-thinking how they manage their security infrastructure.  Many businesses have employees out of office, either working remotely or out visiting clients/prospects.  Now pair this with their ability to access sensitive company information via their smartphones and tablets on public Wi-Fi, and you can see why mobile security should be a factor in every business.

ShoreTel Newsletter February 2015

UC in the Cloud Brings Solid Business Benefits 

It seems anything that can be in the cloud is already there, or soon will be. And that holds for unified communications (UC). According to IDC, there’s a strong demand for unified communications and collaboration, which has been spurred by areas such as mobility, collaboration, videoconferencing, and the integration of business processes with communications, so that workers can easily communicate anywhere, any time and on any device.

Technology Newsletter February 2015

lifesize Starting 2015 with a Bang 

Todays world is much more connected than it  has been before.  For your employees, being out of the office is more the "norm" than it used to be.  Meaning that you need to have a reliable, easy to use web conferencing tools to keep connected with remote employees.  This past month lifesize has introduced more capabilities to meet every size business needs.